Typo3, the Revolution in Webpage Creation and how I found it

I am originally a software developer. I work with C++ and develop Windows applications that interface with exotic hardware or with databases. I’ve been doing that for over 20 years now. Just a few years ago, if someone had suggested I would also create webpages for a living, I would have thought him mad. I’d had one look at creating webpages with HTML and found it extremely tedious and time-consuming – as there was now proper way to re-use code or automate things properly. About twelve years ago we were asked to promote a webpage on the Internet for my parents. This resulted in me getting better acquainted with the way things are found on the Net and how webpages can differ in quality. A friend told me about Content Management Systems and how they could help separate the content of … continue >

New Blog for Typo3 Programming and political Ranting

I just started this new blog. Always wanted a place where I can post some of my thoughts about programming in general and Typo3 in particular. Yes and I wanted a place where I can sometimes make a political statement about stuff that really bugs me. I’ll try to keep posting some Typo3 tips and tricks regularly and general information about changes to this CMS. I’ll also try to keep the ranting part of the politics down to the absolute minimum. I said I’d try, I didn’t say I’d be successful though.