New Website for the Cruise Liner Die Deutschland goes online

MS Deutschland - Deilmann Kreuzfahrten

The Cruise Liner ‘DIE DEUTSCHLAND’, also known as the ‘MS-DEUTSCHLAND’ and as the ‘Traumschiff’ in the German TV series, has received a website in Typo3 with a complete new look and feel. The shipowning company Reederei Peter Deilmann GmbH asked our partner company finest communication to re-design the website, which is dedicated to their flagship MS-Deutschland. Finest communication asked FSnD to do the technical implementation in Typo3. The website relies very heavily on impressive pictures and stresses usability. It also shows the onboard webcam through Earth TV and lists all cruises this luxury liner will be undertaking for a year ahead of time. The display of the cruise listing and detail views was implemented in Typo3 6.0 and¬†Extbase and Fluid, the new standard for developing Typo3 extensions. It is of course database driven and can each cruise can easily be … continue >

Mom has arrived in Melbourne on her way to become a Granny Aupair in New Zealand

Melbourne Australia

I just got an email from mom. She has safely arrived in Melbourne and even managed to get her laptop connected to the Internet! She says the flight was extremely interesting as she got to see Greece, Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia from the air. She will be flying on to Christchurch Saturday evening on her way to become a Granny Aupair in New Zealand.

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