Added Google Maps to the Real Estate Listing Site

As embedding Google Maps becomes more and more difficult, with all the ‘improvements’ Google has been making our customer Eastshore Realty asked us for support.
Now the appropriate Map is automatically displayed beside each listing. Making it easier for customers to locate the objects.

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New Search Website for Tumour Centre Munich

Recently we added another website to the Tumour Centre Munich group. After N-PSOM, a site to help people find psycho therapists in Bavaria, Munich Tumour Centre Trust, a site to raise awareness on cancer in Bavaria and TZM Essentials, a site for the annual Congress of the Tumour Centre Munich.

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Battery drain on iPhone5 and iOS 7.1

Low Battery on iPhone 5

Trusting as I am I let Apple run the automatic update to iOS 7.1 on my iPhone 5.

This turns out to have been a serious mistake!

The battery life on the iPhone 5 never was exceptional, but it did last two to three days in standby mode before. Now after the update it seems the permanent state for the battery is empty.

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New Website for the Cruise Liner Die Deutschland goes online

MS Deutschland - Deilmann Kreuzfahrten

The Cruise Liner ‘DIE DEUTSCHLAND’, also known as the ‘MS-DEUTSCHLAND’ and as the ‘Traumschiff’ in the German TV series, has received a website in Typo3 with a complete new look and feel. The shipowning company Reederei Peter Deilmann GmbH asked our partner company finest communication to re-design the website, which is dedicated to their flagship MS-Deutschland. Finest communication asked FSnD to do the technical implementation in Typo3. The website relies very heavily on impressive pictures and stresses usability. It also shows the onboard webcam through Earth TV and lists all cruises this luxury liner will be undertaking for a year ahead of time. The display of the cruise listing and detail views was implemented in Typo3 6.0 and Extbase and Fluid, the new standard for developing Typo3 extensions. It is of course database driven and can each cruise can easily be … continue >

1and1 Germany (1und1) Servers down

The well known Internet Service Provider in Germany 1und1, also known as 1and1 in North America is experiencing severe problems with its network. This has resulted in outages for 1und1 customers’ email and websites.
The 1&1 outage also affected FSnD’s servers for a short while. So if any of our customers were having problems with accessing their emails, this is why.

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Multiple Social Media Posts with one WordPress Post – News, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger/Blogspot, Delicious

if you want your website and thus your services to be found on the Web. If you do not advertise your company website and services on the Internet’s new Social Media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger/Blogspot and Delicious you will receive less visitors to your pages. It is no longer enough to just have a nice website or blog. The new media needs to be served too.

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Direkt posts to Google+, Facebook and Twitter from WordPress

We all know that being present on the most prominent Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Digg has become a must, if you want to place yourself and your products properly in today’s Web. As of last year there is a new contender on the market. Google Plus (Google+).
There are several Wordpress plugins out there that let you automatically tweet and Facebook your posts which makes keeping these two up to date relatively easy. Up till now though there was no working extension that would do the same for Google Plus. I recently found one though.

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Google’s Penguin Update causes uproar for India’s SEO experts!

I just stumbled upon this great bog entry. It tells how loads of Indian so called SEO experts are now out of a job, due to the last algorithm update by Google, called Penguin. Google finally decided to put an end to the wide spread spamming tactics of thousands of Indian ‘Internet Experts’.

The article stated that there would be a big increase in the jobless rate in the Indian computer industry

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Dealing with the Quirks of different Browsers in Typo3

Everyone who has created or worked on a larger website project has experienced the problem of dealing with the multitude of different browsers out there and their various quirks and failings. The plathoria of browsers goes from various versions of the Internet Explorer (IE 6 to 9 currently), to FireFox, Opera, Safari to more exotic applications such as Konqueror( used on Linux boxes ). The website developer usually has a favorite browser he or she uses for creating the webpages – most developers I know use Firefox, personally I prefer Opera. After completing the project, if they’re smart, they’ll check it out in various other Internet Browsers. It is usually not so good to tell your boss to have a look at the pages before you do that. Non-technical oriented people tend to use what their operating system provides out … continue >

Computers ignore Kremlin Directive by Putin – Perpetual Summer runs afoul of modern Operating Systems

The other day I head that Prime Minister Putin in Russia had decreed that his country would not go back to winter or standard time. They would continue to use daylight savings time, or summer time as it is called there, all year round. I was amused at the high-handed way Mr. Putin wanted to create a quick and dirty solution to a problem that has been discussed in Europe for years now. Well, as you can guess the order from the Kremlin was heard by the media and most of the public, but it just didn’t make it into the electronic brains of all our modern gadgets.  PCs, MACs, smart phones, organizers, smart watches, yes even TVs and some fridges were totally unimpressed by the decree. They all changed over to standard time Sunday morning. Subsequently there was great … continue >

New Blog for Typo3 Programming and political Ranting

I just started this new blog. Always wanted a place where I can post some of my thoughts about programming in general and Typo3 in particular. Yes and I wanted a place where I can sometimes make a political statement about stuff that really bugs me. I’ll try to keep posting some Typo3 tips and tricks regularly and general information about changes to this CMS. I’ll also try to keep the ranting part of the politics down to the absolute minimum. I said I’d try, I didn’t say I’d be successful though.