Direkt posts to Google+, Facebook and Twitter from WordPress

We all know that being present on the most prominent Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Digg has become a must, if you want to place yourself and your products properly in today’s Web. As of last year there is a new contender on the market. Google Plus (Google+). Well, ok, Google isn’t new, but they want a piece of the cake that Facebook has started to monopolize. You can now Google+ an Web page, just as you can use the iLike button of Facebook. You can also have a Google+ page of your own, which is very similar to Facebook, where you can post and do all the other stuff Facebookers do.

Keeping up with all these Social Media contents is virtually impossible, at least if you still want to have time to be productive and live a life too.

There are several WordPress plugins out there that let you automatically tweet and Facebook your posts which makes keeping these two up to date relatively easy. Up till now though there was no working extension that would do the same for Google Plus. I recently found one though. The extension is called: ‘ Next Scripts Social Networks Auto-Poster‘. It lets you post to Facebook, tweet and Google+ automatically by just creating a post in your WordPress blog. The installation process is pretty straight forward and the configuration is easy because of the detailed description supplied with the plugin.

The only draw-back is that you have to dish out 49 USD for the Google Plus addition. By paying the fee on their website you get to download a php script that you have to upload to your plugins directory. After that things work like a charm. I was impressed.

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