Battery drain on iPhone5 and iOS 7.1

Low Battery on iPhone 5Trusting as I am I let Apple run the automatic update to iOS 7.1 on my iPhone 5.

This turns out to have been a serious mistake!

The battery life on the iPhone 5 never was exceptional, but it did last two to three days in standby mode before. Now after the update it seems the permanent state for the battery is empty. Every time I pick up the phone and want to leave the house with it the screen is dark and it won’t start. Even if the last time I charged it is only 12 hours past!

After reading all kinds of advice on the Internet on how to conserve power when faced with this new problem posed by the recent update, I ask myself: What is the sense of an operating system update if it means I have to shut off all kinds of options to be able to use it?

I need the blue tooth on so I won’t forget to turn it on when driving – I want it to connect to WiFi when in the office or at home and I already am closing all unused apps on a regular basis.

I really hope Apple comes up with a solution soon, or I might just dig out my old Blackberry again!

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