Mom has arrived in Melbourne on her way to become a Granny Aupair in New Zealand

Melbourne Australia

Melbourne Australia

I just got an email from mom. She has safely arrived in Melbourne on her way to Christchurch and even managed to get her laptop connected to the Internet! She says the flight was extremely interesting as she got to see Greece, Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia from the air. Unfortunately it was dark by the time they arrived in Abu Dhabi, so the sky scrapers were only visible by their lights.

She even enjoyed the second leg of the flight, saying that they flew along the Australian coast from Perth to Melbourne. The coastal area is extremely dry and she is sure there are lots of snakes down there. Mom hates snakes!

Mom describes Melbourne as a great city along a bay with a river running through it. It is a very young city with few seniors, as she puts it. She also writes that the Royal Museum is built in the same style as the Parliament Building in Winnipeg, only that it is larger.

I really envy her. I can only hope that when I am her age I will still have the energy to undertake such trips too!

She will be flying on to Christchurch Saturday evening on her way to become a Granny Aupair in New Zealand.


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