Another Flash Site converted to Typo3 and HTML5 – VVO

FSnD has converted another website from Flash to HTML5 with Typo3.

VVO Finanz Service, a financial investment broker, had their website made in Flash a few years ago. It never really got very good ranking with the search engines. Lately of course they also ran into the problem that their site could not be viewed by people using Apple’s new iPhone and iPad, as these devices do not support Flash.

The moving components were converted to HTML5 so that users with iPads and iPhones still experience the dynamic display. All textual components were converted to real text, so that they can now be read by search engines such as Google, etc.

Using Typo3 TypoScript switches the CMS automitically detects whether an visitor is using an HTML5 capable browser, or whether to display the old flash content – this was necessary for older Internet Explorer version for example.

The change has greatly improved the ranking for the domain in search engine listings. Converting object code into real text does wonders for search engine optimization.

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