Battery drain on iPhone5 and iOS 7.1

Low Battery on iPhone 5

Trusting as I am I let Apple run the automatic update to iOS 7.1 on my iPhone 5.

This turns out to have been a serious mistake!

The battery life on the iPhone 5 never was exceptional, but it did last two to three days in standby mode before. Now after the update it seems the permanent state for the battery is empty. Continue reading

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New Website with Product Module goes online

Deutronic elektronik GmbH

We have finally also put the English version of the new website for Deutronic elektronik GmbH online.

The main feature of this website, apart from the fact that it is multilingual in English and German, is the product module. Continue reading

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Typo3 Translator Portal for The Native Translator goes online

The Native Translator portal

The new translator portal for The Native Translator is online. This portal is a major re-design of the original we created over two years ago. It supports 18 different language, including languages with non latin fonts such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Arabic. Continue reading

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New Real Estate Website in Typo3

Ateah Realty, Victoria Beach, Manitoba

The new website for Ateah Realty in Victoria Beach Manitoba just went online. This site is the first to use our new Typo3 real-estate plugin developed in extbase and fluid. Continue reading

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New Website for the Cruise Liner Die Deutschland goes online

MS Deutschland - Deilmann Kreuzfahrten

The Cruise Liner ‘DIE DEUTSCHLAND’, also known as the ‘MS-DEUTSCHLAND‘ and as the ‘Traumschiff’ in the German TV series, has received a website in Typo3 with a complete new look and feel. The shipowning company Reederei Peter Deilmann GmbH asked … Continue reading

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Mulitlingual Typo3 Website in English, German and Portuguese with asymetrical protruding submenu

Würtenberger Kunze

The latest Typo3 Website to go online is the site for Würtenberger Kunze.

Würtenberger Kunze is a legal firm specialized in intellectual property rights. They wanted their website in 3 different languages, English, German, Portuguese, each with its own domain, as they have many international customers, especially from Brazil. Continue reading

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FSnD rebuilt Website for MS-Deutschland GmbH

MS-Deutschland GmbH website

The website for the MS Deutschland GmbH was originally a single page with links that let you scroll to different positions. This site was rebuilt in Typo3 in English and German and can now be maintained a lot easier. It … Continue reading

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New multi-lingual Typo3 Website First Components online

First Components Website

We have been very busy the last few months. Among other Typo3 websites we created a new site for First Components Distribution. Apart from the usual multilingual content our designers came up with a new flashy layout. A different slogan can be integrated into every header image. Continue reading

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iThera Medical has new Typo3 Website created by FSnD Ltd.

iThera Medical

The iThera Medical website was re-created as a Typo3 website by FSnD Ltd according to design specifications by fines communication. iThera Medical offers the next generation in molecular imaging. The website contains image sliders to promote their product, embedded YouTube … Continue reading

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Another Flash Site converted to Typo3 and HTML5 – VVO

VVo Finanzservice

VVO, a financial investment broker, had their website made in Flash a few years ago. It never really got very good ranking with the search engines. Lately of course they also ran into the problem that their site could not be viewed by people using Apple’s new iPhone and iPad, as these devices do not support Flash. Continue reading

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For Horse Enthusiasts – Anja Beran Website is now in Typo3

Anja Beran classical equestrianism

The website in Typo3 is dedicated to classical equestrianism and the International Training Centre for Classical Horsemanship run by Anja Beran with a small shop solution. Continue reading

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VDK Versicherungsservice – New Typo3 Website with Branch Office Search

VDK Versicherungsservice

With finest communication FSnD setup a new Typo3 Website for the Insurance Broker VDK Versicherungsservice. The main considerations for updating the existing website with the CMS Typo3 was to improve the acceptance by search engines Continue reading

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